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A blast from the past: VALENTINES DAY IS EVIL

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This is a repost of a past post.  For some reason it speaks to me this year,  have fun with it.

Valentines Day is evil.You read right. VALENTINES DAY IS EVIL!!!!

Now why would I want to say such a thing?

It is a phony holiday.Why would people need a special day to tell someone that they love them?If a person truly loves someone, he or she would tell that person through out the year.

It is a measuring stick used by many women to supposedly tell them how much their supposed “man” loves them.Love is defined by a dollar amount.A man is measured by his wallet not by his heart.Do you see the commercials advertising expensive stuff for women to buy their partners?You see all the expensive diamonds that a man should by his wife or girl friend.

It is holiday that carries different significant meaning to the sexes.If a man forgets Valentines Day and does not buy a gift for his sweat heart, he is in BIG trouble.He will be sleeping in the dog house.If a woman forgets the day, there is hardly a major fight in fact the man feels a ton of weight lifted off of his shoulders.

Did I tell you the Valentines Day is EVIL? It is.

If Valentines Days was enough to express your love for someone you would not need sweetness day!!!Another phony holiday.

What is true love and how should it be expressed?Look at Jesus.He lived the perfect life and surrendered it on a cross so we can live.Love is sacrificial it puts others ahead of ourselves.







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February 14, 2013 at 1:00 am

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