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Finally my review of Get In I’m Driving by Ginny Owens

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Don’t ask me where I’m going, Or how long I’ll be away, Cause if you ask me where I’m going, Don’t know what I’m gonna say— The Song  Words and music by Ginny Owens Get In I’m Driving

If you were to ask Ginny after her and Rocketown label commitment had ended what she was going to do next, she might of said the above lyrics. During that absents Ginny spent the next five years working on Get In I’m Driving.

Get In I’m Driving is Ginny’s first album with the Soul Stride label. The album is made up of 11 songs. The songs are: 1. Get In I’m Driving 2. Mystery Of Grace 3. Before You Fly 4. Rain 5. Joined At The Heart 6. Better Off 7. Lay It Down 8. Higher Ground 9. Daughter Of Destiny 10. Better That Way 11. The Song

These 11 songs range from pop to jazz with some overtones of soul mixed in. Each song has the ability to stand on its own. None of songs are fill in like you would find with many other artist albums. Ginny and David Das, the producer of the album, did a great job of featuring the best and most important instrument and that is Ginny herself. Unlike her early albums that I felt like were over produce and featured everything, but Ginny and her songs, I feel like Ginny & David made sure they did not go down that road again. Get In I’m Driving starts off with the upbeat catchy Get In I’m Driving song. It is a song about allowing God to be in control of her life. Get In I’m Driving finishes with The Song which took Ginny five years to write and produce. It is about following the path that God has her on.

This is Ginny’s best album and The Song in my opinion one of Ginny’s best songs to date. It is evident while listen to Get In I’m Driving on how much Ginny has matured as singer /song writer. If you love great music that captures and moves you, you need to get this album.  It will end up being one of your favorite album to date.

To get the stories behind the songs please check out Ginny’s website.


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February 20, 2012 at 7:00 am

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