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What. Are Christian romance novels bad for marriages.

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First of all, I do not read romance novels. Also, I have not had the chance to read what, Amy, has read. So I am hopeful that you will at least give consideration to what I am going to say.

If I understand right, Christian men are saying that Christian romance novels are hurting their marriages. They make the claim that it hurts like pornography hurts marriages. That is a pretty big claim. I can understand why they would use pornography, but I think they could have used something else as an example to make their claim.

I think it might be wrong for us to just dismiss their claim that romance novels are harming marriages. We all are influenced by what is around us. Otherwise commercials would be worthless.

I think the real question that needs to be asked. Since Christian men are saying that romance novels are harming their marriages, what should we a Christ followers do as readers and or writers of romance novels. Do we attack them and their wives because we refuse to believe them or do we address the issue in a calm and collective manner. Do we try to find a solution or do we ignore them.

Now about the issue of them claiming it is like pornography. I know many men who claim that it is not harmful to their marriages and or their dating relationships. Yet, when the conversation comes up with their spouses, their spouses say just the opposite. They say it degrades them. They say it sets an unrealistic picture of what they should look like and or how they should perform sexually even if they do enjoy doing everything shown in a pornographic movie. How many of the romance writers and readers who refuse to acknowledge what some Christian men are saying about romance novels would feel about their spouses watching and or looking at pornography. How would they feel with everyone saying they are wrong that it is not harmful.

So again lets not attack these men and their claims. Lets not try to pick their arguments apart piece by piece because we do not want to see what they are experiencing in their marriages. Let us try to find a solution that lifts us all up.


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August 22, 2011 at 7:00 am

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