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This round of Faith n Fiction Roundtable discussion is a Small Town Sinners by Melissa Walker

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This round of Faith n Fiction Roundtable discussion is a Small Town Sinners by Melissa Walker.

One of the underling themes of the book has to do with the questioning of ones faith. This is done through the main character Lacey Anne. Lacey is the daughter of a youth pastor. The questioning of her faith or better yet why she believes what she believes happens when a boy, Ty, enters into her life.

To be honest I felt let down by this book. I thought that the author took the easy way out while writing this book. The questioning of Lacey’s beliefs revolved around three thing. Abortion, drinking, and homosexuality.

Lets start with the abortion. The Tessa the sister of Lacey’s friend Starla Joy gets pregnant. She is shipped off to a “home” where she will give birth and give the child away. On the way home from visiting Tessa there is a conversation about abortion which leads to Lacey questioning her belief about abortion. I just felt that to be more realistic about this, the author should have had Tessa get an abortion. This would have allowed story to delve deeper into the issue and the questioning more realistic. There was the line that Tessa called herself “pro-choice and anti-abortion.” I have to admit that line sort of describes me I believe that abortion is murder and a sin against God. I also believe I should not and or cannot force someone to live by my beliefs. Especially non follower of Christ.

Lets deal with the drinking issue. This was dealt in two ways. I’ll focus on Ty. Through out the story Lacey’s dad has an issue with Ty. At one point her dad does not want her to be around him. He knew Ty’s history. Ty got drunk in the past and had an accident while driving. His girlfriend got hurt because of this. I feel the story would have been more richer (that sound bad) if Ty was drinking around Lacey or even got her to drink. The conflict between her dad and her would have been more interesting. The trusting of her dad’s judgment and the beliefs she learned from him.

The third issues in a round about way dealt with homosexuality. There is hints throughout the book that Lacey’s friend Dean is gay. At the end of the book Lacey states that she will deal with that issue if he gay. Why not have Dean coming out of the closet and declaring that he is gay in the story. This would have allowed the author the chance to have Lacey to fully question her beliefs about homosexuality.

Maybe I am expecting to much out of this book. Maybe it would have made the book to long and the story to complicated to write it such a away.

I do like the ideal of a book address the issue of questioning of your faith. I believe that growth of ones faith comes from questioning why you believe what you believe. I find it sad that some are taught that it is wrong to question why you believe what you believe.

Oh one last thing. One of the themes of the book deals with Hell House. A tool that scares people to ask Jesus into their lives. You know, Hell insurance. This leads to one of my pet peeves. People are either scared into becoming followers of Christ or are mislead to believe that all will be great if you become a follower of Christ. It is a dishonest way to leading people to Christ. Be honest what it means to be a follower of Christ. It’s about loving others like Christ loves you. It will not be easy. You will be persecuted. But, the life you gain in the end by being with Christ and God for eternity is well worth it.

I encourage you all to check out what the other particapent of Faith N Fiction Roundtable have to say about the book.

There is only one true way for you to know if you would like this book and that is to read it.  You never know, you might love this book.




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August 13, 2011 at 7:00 am

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  1. Well…you were a lot nicer than me in your breakdown of the book, I thought she actually made Christians look like idiots……

    Most of the YA books taking on these subjects do though…


    August 13, 2011 at 9:37 am

  2. I never thought about the author going further with the issues, but that might have made a more interesting book.

    Carrie K.

    August 13, 2011 at 11:24 am

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  5. I agree Thomas that especially the issue of Dean she skirted around. But I thought the point that it didn’t matter whether or not he was gay but rather that he’d never have a chance to be honest with himself because he’d repress it so much. It made me really sad.

    Amy @ My Friend Amy

    August 16, 2011 at 9:17 pm

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