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Three questions with Shaun Groves and his new album Third World Symphony

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Shaun, thank you for giving my very little blog the chance to interview you. I wonder what three interesting earth shattering questions can I come up with.

1) You are in the process of adopting a child. Do you think that you would be adopting a child if you were not involved with Compassion?

Great question. Only God knows. But I know this: I wouldn’t have viewed adoption exactly as I do now.

I’ve seen extreme poverty all over the world. That’s at once a blessing and a curse. It’s painful to see children starving, hear mothers weeping praying for daily bread. That’s harder to carry around in my memory than I can begin to express in words. But it’s a gift too. Because I’ve seen the suffering I understand why ministries like Compassion International are so important. And I understand how orphans are made and the role an adoptive parent plays in orphan care. 

That role is second best. Best is a loving mother and father with plenty of food, regular employment, money enough for health care and education. That’s best. But the world is broken. India alone has 44 million orphans! And most of those orphans have moms and dads. But mom and dad gave them up because they lacked the ability to provide for them – they did not lack love, only food, medicine, education, shelter… 

I think knowing this, meeting mothers on the verge of giving up their dearly loved child, makes me more passionate about both Compassion International and adoption. I feel like both sponsoring a child and adopting a child serves parents by giving their children what they cannot give them on their own.

2) Third World Symphony is your forth studio album and fifth overall. What was the most favorite part of making the album and what was the least favorite part of making the album?

Let’s tackle the least favorite first. I hated asking for money. Hated. It. It was very hard for me to ask people to fund this record after asking them for so many years to help children in desperate need around the world. It felt very selfish, and like I was taking money away from children in need because every dollar spent on this record was a dollar that could have fed someone, sent someone to school etc. The hope, however, has always been that by making this record we can help more children than we could before. 

My favorite part was being in the studio hearing these songs come alive. Taking a song from a simple guitar and vocal demo to a full-fledged song with drums, bass, background vocals, banjo – well, it’s incredible! I wish I could it every day.

3) You have been blogging for many years. Did you ever think that it would turn into what it is today and have the impact that it is having in changing peoples lives?

Never. You know, I liked the message board my websites had way back when. And I simply thought a blog was a more current version of a message board – a way for me to connect with “fans”, get to know them, let them get to know me. But, wow, it’s become so much more than that.  

I’m asked from time to time to speak to artists, labels, and whatnot about social media and they usually want to know how I’ve been so successful in blogging. I always tell them I don’t feel like I’ve been successful at all. If the blog has turned out to be a good thing for me, you or anybody else it’s because of the readers. I just show up and write – and not always that well or regularly – and then it’s in the hands of the readers. Their comments, tweets, e-mails, encouragements, prayers – they make it work. They’ve made it so much more than I ever dreamed.

Thank you Shaun for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions.  I would have never of thought that it would be so hard coming up with three questions to ask you.

I cannot encourage you enough, the readers of this blog, to listen to and to purchase Shaun’s new album Third World Symphony.  I bet you that you cannot listen to Third World Symphony and not be moved by one of the songs.  I had to fight back the tears while listening to I’ve Got You.

To order Third World Symphony it  can be purchased here:

To listen to Third World Symphony:


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